Today we’ve reached our first destination: Oxford, UK. After weeks of packing, donating, discarding, selling, cleaning, storing, letting go, and saying endless goodbyes, we’ve made it across the first ocean. Having pared down our earthly possessions to just about suitcase apiece (with a number of items still stored with family and friends–thanks, you gems), we hauled said bags to the airport, cheated the good folks at unnamed airline a little bit, and landed in London this morning. Then lugged the bags onto the bus to Oxford and over to the university, where the spouse is attending a maths conference for the week, and I’ll effectively be on holiday.

The Bags in our very simple Oxford setup.

We did the same trip last year (minus the indefinite intercontinental move), and coming back was eerily familiar. Admittedly, it’s not a big city, but I got to know it rather well the last time, wandering about as a tourist in the beautiful fall weather as spouse was stuck indoors in incomprehensible lectures all day. As soon as we set our bags down in the university accommodations, all I wanted to do was shower and not move for a little while. Thank goodness for wheels–the one invention that makes all of this even remotely possible, but once in a while one needs to remember what stationary feels like. Of course, as soon as we had enough energy to reengage the world, with the help of rapidly progressing hunger, we went to dinner at Nando’s. (I know, we fancy. But seriously, it’s the most delicious chicken that is simply not available in NYC.) Then we meandered back through the city to our room, from where I bring you The Blog.

So here it is. Abenteuer Pig. First, I should explain. Abenteuer = adventure in German. Pig, for a number of reasons: 1. You’ll be seeing our little travel companion, Piglet, from time to time. 2. You’ll also most likely be reading about our exploits in food. The two of us are almost akin to garbage disposals in the best way possible, so food is quite high on the list of “things we’re excited about”, hence the pigging out. Simple as that.

And here’s Piglet with some nature.

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