These are some of the meals we’ve been having over the last few days, from brunch at the airport (slept through the plane breakfast–redeyes amirite?) to dinners in Oxford.

All in all, we’ve been having pretty good food, but I’d be lying if I said we weren’t craving some nice homemade stuff.  After the last few weeks of camping out in our own Forest Hills apartment and eating outside food every day, including this week, it’ll be nice to have a kitchen to cook in for ourselves in Bonn next week.

The sleep schedule is definitely way off, and eating, too. We went to buy some snacks at Tesco yesterday for when we get grumbly at midnight due to stomach jet lag. Settled on a box of Scottish oatcakes, which cost 89p (about 1USD and change), and decided to use the self-checkout machine. Of course it didn’t accept the £1 coins I had, so after a good long while of hubris, fed the machine a £5 note and received a nice chunk of change back. Man, British coins are heavy. I feel like I should be carrying a change purse around like the Sheriff of Nottingham. Anyhow, after oafing around at that grocery store kiosk for a solid few minutes and then requiring intervention from the store clerk, I realize I am definitely becoming more sympathetic to NYC tourists at the MTA machines that take foreeever–yea, you know the ones. Just one of the things that I’m noticing about our adjustment.

While this time last year, I was gallivanting across the city of Oxford with my Abenteuer hat on, all I find myself doing this time around is trying to retain some semblance of normalcy. Sleep and eating are pretty big parts of getting the body used to all this movement, so that’s what I’ve been doing probably 80% of the time. We brought some things from home in order not to feel like totally different human beings, like my late grandmother’s little quilt. And to be clear, I recognize the importance of letting go (will probably write about this specifically at a later time), I don’t mean that we’re trying to hold onto life as we knew it and recreating all of the same details, but rather that we are needing to be gentle with ourselves because there will be plenty of opportunities to feel like foreigners (case in point: grocery store). So for now, there will be sleep; there will be food. Also, water and exercise and laundry. Someone should really write a handbook on this stuff.


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