First week in Deutschland. Nesting in the new digs. “Cozy” little studio, but it’ll do. Storage and the kitchen area leave a little bit to be desired though. All things considered, living across the street from the river is pretty rad. Just real peaceful.

Let’s play some pros and cons:

  1. Crossing the Rhine every day into the city center by foot. Pros: Gorgeous view, occasional sunrise, occasional sunset, fresh air. Cons: Getting caught in a flash flood starting at the halfway point of the bridge without any overhead cover; being soaked the entire rest of the day. Taking passport photos immediately after.
  2. Bicycle lanes. Pros: Ubiquitous. Can be found in pedestrian-only zones as well as major roads. A mix of on the street and on the sidewalk. Cons: Subtle demarcations since they’re always assumed; standing in one inadvertently and getting a gentle “brring” of the bicycle bell or confused stares.
  3. Appointments. Pros: Being seen with full attention when you have one. Cons: Not given the time of day without one.
  4. Crossing the street. Must always wait for green. Pros: Necessity. Teaching patience. Safety. Cons: Must always wait for green; “set a good example for the children” (srsly, there are signs by the traffic lights that say this). Impatience.
  5. Cost of living. Pros: Rent is cheap. Perhaps my sense of normal rent is skewed bc NYC, but we’re paying about a third of what we did in Queens, which was a good deal to begin with. Food shopping is cheap. A one euro coin has the power to get you an entire bag of cookies (the good kind with the chocolate) or a basket of strawberries or pack of sliced cheese or half a bottle of cheap wine. Cons: Well, none. Unless you’re actually German and you live here long term with taxes and whatnot, which are pretty high.

Alright then, German is hard! Yes, I’ve studied it for 6+ years (within the last 12 years), and yes, I understand most of what people are saying. But making words is hard, y’all. I suppose I’ve always been able to fake it with smiles and nods or some hybridized broken Konglish, but actual conversations with actual people in which accuracy is of utmost importance? It’s like quickfire round in which you’re trying to remember vocabulary and grammar from ages ago and all you end up with is a rusty old crossbow that’s jammed up and you decide to throw it away in the interest of time because it doesn’t matter anyway. So and then you say some of like wordcombinations that perhap correck sounding? Language classes are in the works, though! (Hopefully, cus I really need them.)

Also, please excuse the low photo quality. I’m currently struggling to get the most out of my outdated phone.


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