Dear friends,

We’ve run into a small bureaucratic issue this week and need to fix something with our passports so that we can continue this stay in Bonn. Long story short, we have to go to Malaysia to take care of this paperwork… So we’re making a trip of it! Staying a few weeks to hang out with the fam, eat some yummy food. I know, sooo unfortunate, right? Though this autumn has not included produce-picking on an Upstate NY farm for me, which is one of my favorite fall activities, I suppose it will include chee cheong fun and kaya toast, which is at the top of the “To Eat” list (we have ridiculously low standards). And yes, we have a “To Eat” list, right next to the “To See,” “To Buy,” and “To Do,” all of which are significantly shorter than the first.

The window of time that we’re in Malaysia falls between a long weekend in Paris for spouse’s math-speaking at the front end–this weekend, eep!–and a week in Copenhagen* for a conference at the tail end. All this means that for the next month or so is going to be crazy full of travel, sort of living out of suitcases, and adjustment to time and climate differences–wooo! Excuse me if I’m a little all over the place because very soon we literally will be. A headache turned into mini-Euro- and major cross-continental trip? Let the Abenteuer begin. We will be missing some things in Germany, like 9. November (TW: violence), which marks many important points in German history, most recently the fall of the Berlin Wall, and then on 11/11 at 11:11 am is the start of Carnival in Cologne. Kind of a bummer because we won’t physically be here to see how these are commemorated or celebrated, even if it ends up being just another day for most people. We will be back in time for Christmas markets, though, which I intend to stalk thoroughly during the season.

In other news, the one hurdle we did manage to overcome was successfully dealing with the bank, so we went out to celebrate with some proper traditional German food, of which we’ve had virtually none since our arrival.

*Fulfilling Rita and Hjørdis dreams, yesss!


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