And so we begin our travels! Only after being in Bonn for less than three weeks, we have said ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ to our new home for our travels for the next month (see previous post). We bid Bonn farewell with a proper buffet dinner of mussels, prepared in six different ways. Delicious. After than, with an early morning train out of Köln, we were off… to Paris!

Starting with our arrival in Paris, we have strictly been tourists, minus a couple of speaking engagements the spouse had, which is the reason we were here in the first place. I was certainly happy to solely wear this tourist hat, rather than straddle the awkward line between new-in-town, foreign-national-but-I-still-live-here, and just-here-for-the-sights. I suppose there’s comfort in clarity and knowing where one belongs.  Definitely did not miss dealing with bureaucracy or worrying about doing the next thing to make ourselves more established, just crossing off all the tourist trap things of our bucket list from July 2014, when we were here for a whirlwind weekend in between a stay in the outskirts of town. So here has been the touristy portion of our Abenteuer this week! This stretch is mostly photos from my solo trip to the Musée d’Orsay.

And my favorite place in this city: Notre-Dame de Paris, bc y’know history, literature, architecture, revolution.

And some more from our Sunday morning visit:

Some odds and ends and fooding:

And one afternoon we adventured on foot through the Montparnasse cemetery and to the Eiffel Tower, where we learned an important lesson about expectation and reality, pictured below. Not pictured: our park bench picnic of bread, wine, and cheese.

To be fair, we did take the photo on the left, so it could be reality if you wanted it to be. And some others from our sightseeing that day.

Next up: one night in Brussels and a few hours in Doha International Airport!


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