I now bring you to the homeland of the spouse: Malaysia. We touched down a few days ago and have been eating and our way through Kuala Lumpur, where his family lives. It’s been almost two years since my last visit–he was here earlier this year, thanks to Maths–and shortly after my return to the US my phone was stolen at work, so we hardly have any photos from last time other than the ones I shared online, which were not that many. Of course I’ve learned a few lessons since then, and I’m making sure to back them up diligently now.

Due to the long holiday weekend (Happy belated Deepavali!), our good friend from college had some time off from his workplace in Singapore and came to visit us in KL. We haven’t seen each other in 3.5 years, but man it was just like old times, though with much more nostalgia and far fewer pranks this time around. One of our other mates kept a blog at the time of the ridiculous happenings of our shared student apartment, and it is a pretty awesome piece of internet if I may say so myself. So how did we spend the weekend, you ask? With food, natürlich! We followed my mother-in-law to a neighbor’s house for their Deepavali party and had a delicious lunch there. (Sorry no photos–too busy eating and talking!)

We also attended a talk at Gerakbudaya, a local independent bookstore which also publishes and distributes titles on social issues in Southeast Asia and beyond, the only one of its kind in Malaysia. Dr Ang Swee Chai, a surgeon and rad AF speaker, talked about her experiences providing medical aid to Palestinian civilians in Lebanon, and compelled her fellow humans to, put shortly, stay woke. More on this later.

The next few show the transformation of a lad plus more noms.

This past weekend has certainly left me full–in my heart, my mind, and my stomach. Story telling, learning history, gleaning wisdom, catching up, talking of hopes and dreams, pasts and futures. See you soon, old friend!

Up next: An exclusive review of an up-and-coming local business.
Hint: It’s delicious.


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