As I mentioned a few posts ago, we have been eating our way through KL and nearby PJ (Petaling Jaya). The following, my friends, is the proof. I’ve enjoyed every last noodle, every drop of soup, and every single crumb, much to the detriment of my waistline,  certainly because it’s simply delicious, but also largely because some flavors cannot be replicated or accessed whatsoever in North America/Europe in my experience. Nowhere have I been able to taste sweeter pineapple, more fragrant coconut, and fresher mangosteen, and forget even the availability of pandan, bunga kantan, kalamansi, or noodles for asam laksa, for which I’ve been on the hunt in NYC for as long as I can remember. Alas, I suppose the only options left are to settle for unsatisfactory substitutes or abstain with a sort of homesickness and hold out for the real thing.

So I’m soaking it up, and treasuring every bit of it in this short time. Special thanks to my savvy mother-in-law for taking us around to all the best places. Also, I’m not quite sure what some of these dishes are called because the majority of them were ordered in very fast Cantonese (not that I would understand if it were said slowly anyway), but if you want to know what it is, I can look into it for you. Enjoy!

Went for Thai one night:

Om nom nom

If you’re wondering whether I’ve gained weight, the answer is absolutely. Can you see why?

And of course, the abundance of fruit and snacks:

I hope all this seems as appetizing as it was. Pro tip: The food in Malaysia is never overhyped.


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