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There were many things I could have named this post… For example, “From Kuala Lumpur to København” or “From the land of laksa to the land of laks,” but I decided on this one because the temperature difference was seriously the biggest change on this leg of our trip. Although we were only in Malaysia for 2.5 weeks, I managed to acclimate to the warm weather and good food (oh my, the food). The single downside to going there was that the winter would have felt much colder back in Europe than if we were eased in gradually, and it was. Copenhagen was cold, but that only slightly hampered our adventuring. As TA was out during the daytime occupied by maths, Piglet and I wandered the rainy town ourselves. We stayed half the time in an Airbnb rental and half the time in a hostel, which both had their pros and cons, but overall a cozy, clean stay.

The city is compact, accessible as many Danish folks speak English. And open fires galore! I think I’d adopted the concept of hygge as a lifestyle before I even knew what it called, so I was very happy to see it all around in thoughtful designs of basically every space. Roughly translated, you could say that hygge is a comfy-coziness, at-home warmth, or according to our tour guide “when life is giving you a hug.” The last one is my personal favorite definition. Unfortunately for Copenhagen because of this love of the open flame, most of the city’s buildings were destroyed in the 18th century, which were then made of wood, and eventually rebuilt with stone. Therefore, I’ve been told you don’t see very old buildings at all throughout the city.

Things not pictured but were certainly experienced are: sojourning through thrift stores and other shops, bicycles, hostel, magpies, the accidental strangers from whom both TA and I are each separated by one degree.


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