The time has come to write another overdue blog post. After having spent seven weeks in the Black Forest of Germany where TA was a math monk and I was learning Marathi, we’re back in Pune! Perhaps I’ll write more on our Schwarzwald adventures at a later time. This post is going to be about our friend S’s wedding, for which we returned just in time! Six of us all piled into a car for a mini road trip to the bride and groom’s native district a few hours away from Pune. By the time we got there most of the wedding rituals were already completed, as they had been going on since the day before, but we were there for the main event in which they would officially be pronounced married! Before this, we had to freshen up from the car ride. Our friend J and I changed in a spare room at the wedding hall, and took we a while, mostly struggling with our sarees. Luckily a pair of aunties came to the rescue: they promptly undid our attempts and fixed us all up. Oh well, maybe better luck next time. I definitely need to up my saree-wrapping game.

J and me having fun with sarees!

Then the guests were all called to go outside and follow the groom as he went to a local temple to start with a little offering, and then he was to make his grand entrance back to the wedding hall with his entourage leading the way with dance and music. The DJ was restricted from playing music for part of the way thanks to a local politician being in town or something like that. Here’s some shots of this process.

Then the ceremony was to start at 12:38pm promptly, but at the time there was too much revelry going on, so we took some more time getting back to the wedding hall. Eventually the rituals started, and the bride and groom got on stage surrounded by their families and relatives, who took turns reciting mantras, and at the end of each mantra all the guests threw colored rice towards them. Then of course photos, so many photos they had to take! S and B must have been so exhausted from hours of greeting and standing and smiling!

And then lunch. BTW, the plan for the guys was to wear dhotis with their kurtas, but after searching we were not able to find any(!) so they just settled for pyjamas. Hence instead of the “dhoti boys” I just simply started calling them the “kurta boys”. This is while waiting to sit for lunch.

And some more photos. I love that one of J in the entrance to the wedding hall. She thought I was taking a selfie, hehehe.

And that’s it! Congratulations, S and B!


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