I think it’s time to revive this space. I haven’t written since before the new year, and for several reasons, some more clear to me than others. In my last post I mentioned that I was applying to grad schools and had been channeling my mental and temporal energies there. And then the nail-biting and anxiety-inducing period of waiting to hear back and having no idea what the outcome would be. (I have no formal experience though so much interest in the field of study I applied for.) The me that is simultaneously trying to become more organized and more laid back realized that making life plans, or any plans at all–money plans, social/family plans, leisure plans, is really difficult when you don’t know when you’re going to be next week, next month, next year. Well, I didn’t get in, and at this point I’m not sure if I’ll try again in future cycles, and I guess in this case knowing is better than not knowing because we can finally move on and try to make some plans, dammit. Now I’m all for spontaneity and living on whims and going with the flow, but at this point that is our entire lifestyle, so some routine and advanced notice is more than welcome when I can get it.

TA wrote this in our first post in India:

we tend to experience new things in a way that time seems to dilate in the beginning, and then pass more quickly as we get used to the new normal.

And I completely agree. You can see this phenomenon in the frequency of posts in the last 1.5 years that this blog has existed. But it doesn’t mean that things haven’t happened. I just haven’t thought about them as intensely, and they haven’t affected the way I feel compelled to write about them.

So here’s the whirlwind of things that happened since I last wrote:
– I finally got that pesky visa after a series of very fortunate and somewhat difficult events, which would continue to allow me to stay in India. (And bonus: it’s actually in the correct category this time!)

– We came back to Pune and decided on a trip to Goa very soon after, our very first outside of Maharashtra state in the entire first year we’ve been in this country (not counting Delhi layovers) and had an amazing time in a quiet part of town with beaches and OMG the food. We also discovered that we have a compatible travel style with our friends–so many extra pluses. Photos to come.

– A few days later it was time to look for a new flat because of some nonsense (also, our year was up, remember?) so a hunting we went! Luckily we found a place that is completely furnished, even with a TV so I can resume my Olympic couch-potatoism, in a good location, and overall very cozy, and not just in the way that is a euphemism for small, which it definitely is, but actually home-y. (However, it is less than ideal in this Pune summer where it’s consistently over 40C/105F degrees every day. Right now, the days are spent thinking of ways not to melt.) It’s a studio (1RK) which is not anything new to us, but with a completely separate kitchen this time! Although since the wardrobe may or may not be in said kitchen, I’ve been thinking of it as my very first walk-in closet.

– For about four months, I was making almost daily school visits with the NGO where I’ve been volunteering. This helped me get to know Pune, the landscape of different levels of government, and meet really amazing people who care about other people as much as they value and actively practice self-care. And so much Marathi practice (mostly listening, but still)!

– Our very good college friend S came to meet us in Tamil Nadu and we made a trip visiting different places in the state, including Madurai where I studied for a semester in college. This deserves its own post.

– We took another trip to Rajasthan to meet up with TA’s best childhood friend and had our own little adventure. So. Much. Beautiful. This also deserves its own post. (My to-do list is writing itself!)

– And then I took a solo trip back to New York for some good ole family time. I got to snuggle my twin nephews and celebrate all the things in a very, very short time.

An aside: Some future career options that I have gained some skills toward at this point are travel agent, real estate mogul, translator, child care provider, cook, immigration lawyer, relocation consultant, secretary/pencil pusher. I’m kind of all of those things right now.


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